zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Free acorn pattern

You need:
Beige or light brown yarn
Brown or dark brown yarn
2mm hook
Tapestry needle

Use the beige or light brown yarn for the acorn:
  1. 6sc in magic circle
  2. "inc1, 1sc" x3
  3. "inc1, 2sc" x3
  4. sc around
  5. sc around
  6. sc around
  7. stuff the acorn
  8. dec6
  9. fasten off

Use the brown or dark brown yarn for the acorn's hat:
  1. 6sc in magic circle
  2. inc6
  3. "inc1, sc3" x3
  4. sc around
  5. fasten off

Use the chainless single crochet foundation stitch for the little stick. Find it here
Sew the stick to the acorns hat.
Sew the hat to the acorn.

Other acorn pattern: Find it here

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