donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Crochet Buttons

Tired of searching for buttons that fit with your crafts?
Make them yourself!
Here is an easy tutorial to make your own buttons with yarn

zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Free acorn pattern

You need:
Beige or light brown yarn
Brown or dark brown yarn
2mm hook
Tapestry needle

Use the beige or light brown yarn for the acorn:
  1. 6sc in magic circle
  2. "inc1, 1sc" x3
  3. "inc1, 2sc" x3
  4. sc around
  5. sc around
  6. sc around
  7. stuff the acorn
  8. dec6
  9. fasten off

Use the brown or dark brown yarn for the acorn's hat:
  1. 6sc in magic circle
  2. inc6
  3. "inc1, sc3" x3
  4. sc around
  5. fasten off

Use the chainless single crochet foundation stitch for the little stick. Find it here
Sew the stick to the acorns hat.
Sew the hat to the acorn.

Other acorn pattern: Find it here

zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

A Granny A Day - update #2

Soooo... I'm 4 days behind on schedule... Dang!!
I really hoped I could keep up with the squares, it seems so easy. 1 square a day.
But I guess I'm so busy with other projects that I neglected A Granny A Day..
mug cozies for example
baby blocks too
and keychains

I really hope I can have some time to crochet for myself soon, because I always crochet stuff for other people than me (it's hard for me to say no to requests).

Anyways, I hope you all have a great weekend. :)
See you soon!

donderdag 10 oktober 2013

Free patterns; Autumn decoration

I found these 2 free patterns on the internet.
The pumpkin is by PlanetJune. Find the pattern here
I forgot who the mushroom made

The Mushroom

You need:

  • red and white yarn
  • a 2mm crochet hook
  • a yarn needle
  • stuffing
Start with white:
  1. sc6 in magic ring                             (6)
  2. inc x6                                             (12)
  3. "sc1, inc1" x6                                 (18)
  4. "sc2, inc1" x6                                 (24)
  5. sc around (back loop only)             (24)
  6. sc around                                       (24)
  7. sc around                                       (24)
  8. sc around                                       (24)
  9. sc around                                       (24)
  10. "sc6, dec1" x3                                (21)
  11. "sc5, dec1" x3                                (18)
  12. "sc4, dec1" x3                                (15)
  13. sc around                                       (15)
  14. sc around, switch to red                  (15)
  15. with red: inc15                                (30)
  16. "sc2, inc1" x10                               (40)
  17. "sc4, inc1" x8                                 (48)
  18. sc around (back loop only)             (48)
  19. sc around                                       (48)
  20. "sc4, dec1" x8                                (40)
  21. "sc3, dec1" x8                                (32)
  22. sc around                                       (32)
  23. "sc2, dec1" x8                                (24)
  24. sc around                                       (24)
  25. "sc1, dec1" x8                                (16)
  26. sc around                                       (16)
  27. Stuff the mushroom
  28. dec8                                              (8)
Close the mushroom with weaving in the end
To make the white dots on the mushroom embroider them with white yarn on the red part

dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

A Granny A Day - update #1

My progress in 7 days so far. I still need to make the Granny Square for today. If I finished that I'm right on schedule again.

zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

Pouch pattern

These cute pouches are all made with the same base pattern
You can find the pattern here
The mirror crochet that is needed for this pattern is NOT similar to the crab stitch.
If you wonder how to make a mirror crochet, here is a tutorial

vrijdag 4 oktober 2013


Everyone,, meet Oliver. My big, lazy, snuggly kittycat.
It's his birthday today! :D He's 13 already! Time flies when you're having fun.

I adopted him from an animal shelter exactly 2 years ago. I was a volunteer at the animal shelter and took care of all the sick and injured cats. On August 1st Oliver came in. He had no collar, no chip and a huge wound on it's tail. Though he was severely injured and in a lot of pain, he didn't mind me stroking him. He came towards me and couldn't stop purring. So sweet. I fell in love immediately. When I came home I told my boyfriend that I was determined to adopt him. My boyfriend, a true dogs person, knew it was good for me to have an animal by my side, so he agreed. There was just one problem, our landlord. He said he didn't want animals in his appartment. I was really mad and began to argue with the man. Why can't we have a cat? After arguing for 2 hours our landlord said he'd think about it and he would let us know within a week.

A week later I heard nothing from him, so I called him. "Well." He said. "I have to think about it." When he said that I hung up really angry. Within the time I had to wait I went to school. Fashion Design. It brought a lot of stress and a month later I got sick. I didn't know what was wrong with me, but one thing was for sure. I couldn't leave my bed. My boyfriend saw how this sickness affected me and went to the landlord for an answer. He said the love of a cat could save me from a depression and more sickness. The landlord began to doubt his own opinion and said he'd really think about it this time. A month later I was still sick. Even more sick than before and that was when my boyfriend decided he'd adopt Oliver without hearing what the landlord had to say.

On October 4th my boyfriend went to the animal shelter to pick up Oliver. One problem, if I wanted him, I had to sign the papers. So with all my power I came out of the bed and walked to the animal shelter. Luckily it's only 500 yards away from my house, so it was doable.

Since that day I give Oliver all the love I can give him and he does the same to me. I can't imagine what life would be without him and I hope I can enjoy his cuteness for a long, long time!

dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Foundation single crochet tutorial

Find out how to make a single crochet foundation here
It's a stitch based on the chain foundation
It's easy to learn and, in my opinion, better than the chain foundation